LGS Global Tech, LLC

LGS Global Tech, LLC extends the life cycle of your installed control systems, drives and motors with quality, new and refurbished parts and repair services. We help customers to maintain their existing machinery, find new solutions or help to make it work. We design and deliver turn key projects or provide the technical support service to start up your machine.


We work with low and medium voltage drives, PLCs, HMIs, switch gears, harmonic filter and motors.

We carry the experience of more than a decade in the heavy industry with us. Our customers are in, but not limited to the Oil & Gas market, the steel and non ferron market, energy, food production and performance test market.

Services we provide:

- start up / commissioning and troubleshooting service for low and medium voltage drives, voltage and current sourced and line commutated converters,

- start up / commissioning and troubleshooting service for PLCs,

- start up / commissioning and troubleshooting service for low and medium voltage components,

- execution of turn key projects in the following industries, but not limited to, Oil & Gas, Marine, Steel, non ferron rolling and casting, performance verification (dyno stands for airforce and automobiles), food production,

- Analysis service for VFD installations,
- Fine- / retune of closed loop control systems at VFDs, PLCs (DCSs), etc.,
- Software generating service (creating backups, entire drive / automation projects),
- Installation supervision for VFD / automation installations,
- Evaluation of VFD / Automation installations,
- Quality evaluation of commissioned VFDs, PLCs, HMIs and more,
- Medium voltage harmonic filter / network analysis,
- Software Upgrade service for VFDs, PLCs, HMIs and Engineering Stations,
- On Hands training for Maintenance (troubleshooting, online access, …),
- Custom Made Training Sessions for your solutions and more.


Parts we provide:

we do have parts in stock, check out our shop. We are also happy to get things to you, as quick as possible or even advise of what is needed. 

You are interested in our services / parts or want to know more, please feel free to get in touch with us.